Two Words & A Gesture

He wanted a table right then and there. I wanted to wait 20 minutes for a booth. We looked at each other and he looked at the hostess and said, “We’ll wait. Happy wife, happy life- right?” I melted. 

I’m excited and nervous at the same time about going upstate to visit Eric’s extended family. I want to impress and dazzle them so badly but I’m worried my efforts will fall flat. On top of that I’ll probably have to put a bathing suit on at some point during the visit. Normally this isn’t too much of an issue for me, but being in front of his family I know I’m going to feel incredibly self conscious and hyper aware of how my body looks. Also, I hope I don’t get car sick.  

On the days of August 19th to August 21st Eric and I stayed in Montauk. It was his first time out there and my millionth plus 76th time out there. My family has been going since before I was a glimmer in my parents’ eyes and he-well, he’s from Queens and isn’t a huge fan of jumping in the ocean. But it was something that sparked his interest enough to go along and say yes to booking a room and going. We got a room at Atlantic Terrace with a kitchenette and bought food in bulk to save money for the majority of our meals, though we went out one night. We had a balcony overlooking the ocean and the bed was huge and and we loved that. The drive out was semi painless, aside from the one lane traffic on Old Montauk Highway and Eric’s death farts. The weather was unbeatable and the water- oh, the water was spectacular. It was the sort of blue you would find off the coast of some tropical island. We walked on the beach, laid out in the sand, and dunked our bodies into the ocean. 

The first day we were there we quickly unpacked our food and walked around town with the intention of getting Eric a new bathing suit. After finding him a good one, we went to White’s and picked up conditioner for me and sunglasses for him. We also lurked around a candy store called the Candied Anchor, making sure to come back later and stock up on their novelty treats. Eventually we headed back to the room where we changed and walked down to the beach which was literally outside our room. It was so relaxing and I was so happy to be there with him. I read and he slept and we talked about everything and nothing. I told him I wanted to run at some point in the day so after about 2 hours of beach lounging we got up and changed into our running gear- which consisted of shorts and sneakers for him and a sports bra, shorts, and sneakers for me. It was a nice 2 mile run and it was even nicer to have him with me. When we got back into our lovely air conditioned room we spent some quality time on the sheets and made use of our giant bed. Showers were had and when I got out, Eric presented tuna and avocado sandwiches, spinach, snap pea crisps, and Diet Coke for dinner to me. It was the sweetest. We ate on our balcony and headed to John’s, a staple in Montauk for ice cream. I’d been going there forever and I was so excited to have Eric try it. And as expected, he was floored and fell in love with it. We picked up candy on our walk back because we earned it and we saw Chinese lanterns and a shooting star in the sky. It was like a movie, except it’s real life and I still can’t get over how lucky we are. We fell asleep after maybe another hour, happy to be holding each other as we drifted off.

The second day we were there was probably my favorite. We woke up, got frisky, and Eric made me breakfast- chopped fruit and Diet Coke, he knows me so well. Today was the day we went kayaking. I wasn’t sure how comfortable Eric was going to be but he really seemed to enjoy himself and we used the full hour out on the water. We threw our feet over the side and let them dangle in the water, brushing up against seaweed. I took my life jacket off and he kept his on. After docking ourselves back on land we walked around and he picked out a sundress for me which we both love. We made our way back to the room and got dressed and ready for the beach again and there we rested and relaxed. I walked up to the water to take a picture of it and when I walked back to our towels he asked me, “Do you wanna take beach selfies with me?” to which I responded, “Absolutely.” We took some  of my favorite pictures of us there on the beach, kissing each others’ cheeks and just looking genuinely blissed out. Afterward, we set Eric up for his Ice Bucket Challenge which he received from our friend Andrew. We filled up our garbage can and the first take cut off right as he poured it over his head, but like a champ, he did it again and it was a successful take. I laughed so hard. We went back up to the room and changed to run again, this time running in the opposite direction from yesterday. I got horrible blisters but it was a good run. After getting back to the room we showered and started getting ready for our dinner date out to Gosman’s Dock- another staple of Montauk. We were going ballistic over the menu we scoped out online and were so excited. I had to use the air conditioner as a blow dryer but my hair turned out pretty decent. We both looked like we were made for each other, mainly because we are. After parking we walked in and got a table and ordered the best seafood I think I have ever eaten. He got twin lobster tails and I got swordfish. After finishing we walked around Gosman’s, going into the stores and holding hands and taking pictures. Eric told me that he saw two girls look me up and down and I said, “They were probably looking at you”, to which he said, “No, it was you. They can’t believe how gorgeous you are.” I swear I started to float. We got back in the car on a mission to get John’s ice cream again and as always, I wasn’t disappointed. We went back to the room and cuddled until our eyes couldn’t stay open any more.

The third day we started packing up with the intention of taking one last walk around town and picking up treats for our parents and going to the lighthouse. After checking out, we got into the car and headed straight to the lighthouse. I had a minor argument with the lady at the parking booth but Eric did his best to calm me and keep me from losing it any more. We waited about 15 minutes to start our 137 stair climb to the top. It was worth the wait and the tiny spiral steps because that view was magnificent. We snuck a picture together outside looked in awe at our scenery. Our descent was quicker than the climb and we walked around the lighthouse and took it all in. It was beautiful. He took my hand and we headed to the car where our trip home commenced. 

I’d say that Eric’s first time in Montauk was a success and I was so happy I could show him the beauty that is “The End”. I love him more than anything in this world. 

I haven’t posted my whereabouts and happenings as often as I had been simply due to business and plans and fun things and not so fun things but since it’s drawing near to the end of the summer, I figure it’s a good way to recap if not only to serve my memory when details start to become foggy. So what happened this summer? Here’s the basic run down:

-got into the hang of the evening shift at work, resulting in me enjoying my job even more.

-my mother had her thyroid taken out along with 4 separate tumors. I cherish her every single day.

-we had to put our family dog down 5 days after my mom’s surgery. We still feel her absence in the stupidest ways.

-I’ve been building up my runs in order to qualify for the NYC marathon.

-I’ve been playing basketball with Eric and our friends in Brooklyn consistently on the weekends. I enjoy that we can do so many different things together as a couple.

-in typical Eric and Jenna summer fashion, we rode our bikes to the pool and then to Gonzo’s a few weekends. 

-I discovered how much I love running on the boardwalk at Jones Beach.

-I read a lot of books.

-My mom retired and is since then enjoying a life full of possibility and free time, and that in and of itself could bring tears of joy to my eyes.

-Ted’s on a diet. God save us. 

-Tara and Paul continue to go strong and celebrated 1 year of marriage and I just love them with my whole heart.

-I went back and forth a thousand times about going back to school but have since decided to just do it.

-I learned how to compromise more without feeling resentful. It’s a work in progress but I’m doing well.

-Eric and I went on a trip to Montauk and grew stronger, which is where I’ll end this and start fresh.

It’s the simple, tiny things.

It’s the simple, tiny things.

This is the man I love more than anything. What we have is priceless, precious, and can not be replicated with anyone else. So you see, even if I wanted to leave, I couldn’t- because how can I go from the best thing I’ve ever felt, the best it will ever be to something else that can’t even come to close to touching the love I feel with him? He’s simply my one and only. 

Climbed to the top of a lighthouse together.

Climbed to the top of a lighthouse together.

Nefarious is my new favorite word.